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Tue, September 17, 2019
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Terms (“KalCity”) provides information to local Merchants, Service Providers and Other Key services that are offered by and or in KalCity.Com to local communities all around the world. Please visit our Terms so you review and understand KalCity and with your day-to-day use of

You agree to our general guidelines, terms and Services that are offering in by way of browsing to and Or by Installing Mobile Application (If Applicable).

Registrants Or General Users must register for our Services especially if the User would like to “Post an Add” with no charge and it is absolutely free to registrants, subscribers and Users.

Registered Users must be at lease 12 years old to use our Services.
Use Terms
All the information kept available in is only intended to the people, society to help the local communities grow, you must access and use our services that are offered in only under the permissible grounds, and must be authorized and within acceptable reasons only. All Users, Subscribers, Registrants and other general Users of will not use our Services to violate, unlawful reasons, misappropriate, and attempt to infringe our company privacy, publicity, intellectual property, or other proprietary rights. Additionally, You will not copy our Website, Website Model, Strategy, Services, Design, Print Design or Infringe our proprietary standard Web Interface Design, Data all times.

User Accounts & Its Use
You may create User Accounts as a Registrant or Subscriber and you will keep your User Name and Passwords in a safe and secured place. You are responsible for keeping your credentials. You do have an opportunity to reset your passwords on your own with the available options.

Commitment and Liability Terms here by acknowledging that or its Parent company – will not be liable to you for any losses due to the Use of or any punitive, indirect or incidental damages relating to arising out of, or due to any information that is directly NOT owned by Our company will take such corrective course of actions via Feedbacks from our general users and attempt to correct in the next revision cycles of the Web Site.

Commitments on Service Interruptions & Availability and its services are expected to be interrupted with minimal downtimes as needed in appropriate times due to maintenance, platform upgrades, or network failures. During maintenance and other vital reasons, services may be interrupted and are expected to be restored in a timely and efficient manner. During such planned or unplanned service failures, reserves the rights and provide notifications to the types of Users.
Privacy Policy takes utmost care about its subscribers and registrants and take every step to protect its information all times. The information we receive including your personal and or confidential (if applicable) are kept secured and safe. We do not intend to share or send your information to any companies and they are always preserved safe. However you will follow our disclaimers while you avail any services offering in KalCity in accordance with our Terms posted within web site. In case of a violation of our Terms, when we disable or suspend your account you will need to agree to this term and not attempt to create another account without our organization’s permission. You may use our Services offered in at your own risk, please review our disclaimer policy.
Copyrights, Copyrighted material & Use Policy
Uploading Images, Content, Part of Image, Part of Content, Any other material – That are owned by another copyrighted owners and are uploaded into is NOT permitted. If by chance you notice such events on our website please help us inform at and we will take immediate action to remove such objects directly and permanently from our Website.

Pursuant to Rule 75(1) of the Copyright Rules, 2013 and further all its applicable amendments thereto, In accordance with the law, In order to officially report copyrights violations related matters, and any information leading to copyrights violation whether they are posted by another subscriber or Or User within KalCity, you must send a Written Letter of Intimation followed by evidences such as Details, Location, Subject, Content, Images, Audio, Video, Date of Observation, and anything more to our address below;

Kind Attn: Legal Team
Subject: Copyrights | KalCity .
Our team reserves right to share – In the event Upon requests received by any government, we may disclose personal information of our subscribers and or members to law enforcement authorities, government offices in a written letter format and such information gets sent directly to the appropriate departments only as needed. Also, it is our responsibility to maintain and ensure no end user violation all times to protect the safety of the site and vital information in support of the general public user base across the site.